Prey is all our general game from the beautiful little Steenbok to the monkeys playing in the trees. General game is the most popular and also the most entertaining like  watching a troop of  baboons early morning or the interaction in a harem of zebra. I love to photograph their actions and am also busy by collecting beautiful portraits of all the Antelope species. Now tell me...what will Kruger be without all the Impalas?


There are the most beautiful species of Antelope in Africa. From the most popular Impala to the endangered Roan Antelope,the one more impressive than the other. My favorite is the beautiful Sable Antelope..not often seen,but when you do,you will remember it!

Wilde Beest & Warthog 

Baboon & Monkeys 

Chacma Baboons and Vervet Monkeys are the most common in South Africa. They can be very entertaining to watch especially early mornings. Most important: please do not feed them even though they are cute. You are only putting their lives in danger!


Zebra Collection  


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