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Renata's Unique 10 Point Warrantee

 You receive these 10 warranties with your purchase

1. All artwork are printed with quality inks that are guaranteed for a long time under favorable conditions.

2. A4, A3 and A2 size Prints are exact smaller prints of Master images. A1 and A0 sizes also available in Catalog,advise will be provided.

3. Prices quoted is on loose canvas only and the canvas used is a high quality white canvass with a smooth wooden surface that is ideal for reproduction of photographic images that require high detail. 

4. The canvas is water resistant and is sealed with a water based varnish that extends the UV resistant.

5. For any other medium or requests please feel free to contact me! Assistance with your choices of selected images will be provided at our costs either on line, telephonic or selected medium.

6. Each photograph is personally signed/approved by me. 

7. I will personally explain to you where your photograph was taken at what time of the year it was created as well as discuss many other unique aspects of your specific selection if available. This background knowledge will make your artwork more interesting when explaining to family and friends as well as increase the investment value.

8. a Certificate of Authentication will be provided with every purchase personally signed by me.

9. My contact details will be provided if you would like to contact me any time about your artwork or related subject.

10. My artwork can be couriered to any location in the world and your package will be insured and traceable by tracking number.

Sample of Certificate of Authentication

that will be provided with every image.

Sample of Certificate of Authentication

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