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I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects, from wildlife, landscapes to still life's and abstracts.

My Work

Wildlife Photography is unique in the sense that conditions change constantly,it evolves and nothing stays the same for long. This making it one of the biggest challenges to capture the best of what I see. Wildlife and nature is my heartbeat, making it relative easy to sit for a day at a waterhole waiting for some action. It also gives me time to practice photography skills continuously.

Wildlife Photography takes hours, months, years of dedication to build a portfolio to be proud of. You have to live it, feel it, dream it every day to do the best you can. 

Many people ask me how do I do it.....I would say never give up on your dreams.

Make your dreams a reality and always stay humble!

Love mother nature and treat her with care.....never loose your respect for nature!


Renata won Second Runner Up with her image,Sharing a Tsamma, Category - Mammals of Africa Behavioural in Natures Best Photography Africa 2017!
All winnig photos displayed in an exhibition at Iziko South Africa Museum in Cape Town from Nov 2017 till March 2018!


Special Selection of Black & White Images

Only limited edition available on each Image!
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I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience.

Look through my Gallery and enjoy it!

All images are available on canvas print!


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