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Africa is a place of so much beauty and rhythm. The cruel and the kind is combined in a fine line for every living Creature to survive. Being outside in the wild experiencing a new born and death that is knitted so close in their hunger to survive makes me pushing forward in my own life every single day.

I love the simple things, the small things that the world has to offer all around us. 

The wind that blows through the dry grass and the birds that calls upon the rising of a new day. The barking of the zebra‚Äôs and the calling of the baboons to tell there is danger... 

Since I could remember that is where I wanted to be, outside in the wild with the animals. So whether I'm sitting at a waterhole in Kruger or walking barefoot in the red dunes of the Kgalagadi, I'm happy!

After a professional career of 25 years I was able to step down in 2006 and start pursuing into the second. 

Taking photographs started out as a hobby, but through years of hard work and dedication I've turned it into a fulfilling career.I've been traveling thousands of miles up and down in the Kruger National Park and other wildlife areas capturing the beauty and unique qualities of nature around me.

Our lives, our landscape and our natural wonders make for truly incredible photo inspiration and will always drive me to try to do my best to capture it and share with the world.

Photography is the main way in which I share my experiences with the world and I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

I am striving to bring the beauty of our country to people who may never be able to see or experience our wildlife in South Africa and hopefully it will inspire people to care for our heritage and to get involved.

I am also sharing my knowledge and experience through my own unique style as nature guide and photographer!

It fulfills my passion and I am living my dream!                               

Accolades & Awards


Through the years Renata has entered a number of photo competitions. She won her first competition in 2009 and continued winning including the MAZDA Wildlife Competition in 2012 with her photo of the local leopard Scarface and winning the Scotland Annual Wildlife Photo Competition in 2014 to name a few.


Renata's photos has been published in the Kruger Magazine a couple of times. This specific photo, Lion lovers was cover page of the Winter Issue 2019   Buy the Kruger Magazine online and enjoy!


Renata won Second Runner Up with her image,Sharing a Tsamma, Category - Mammals of Africa Behavioural -in Natures Best Photography Africa 2017 !!


Through the years Renata has written a few bush tales for Africa Geographic blog and has also participated in their Photographer of the Year competitions where her photos has been in the final selections.



Through the years Renata did multiple articles for Caters News, Daily Mail and other magazines. Some of them with a little tongue in the cheek, like this one of the female elephant and her large breasts that took social media by storm!


Different photos and articles has been posted in different magazines through the years.From international magazines to local newspaper articles or a contribution to conservation through her photography. 


Renata has been selling her photos for the usage of calendars and diaries worldwide since 2009 and is still doing so.   This photo of the lion brothers of the Kgalagadi has been a front cover for a big International Calendar house in 2014


Renata is a keen member of the PSSA and are an active member of the Nelspruit Photographic Society. She is the website designer and a committee member of NSTPS.  In 2017 the NSTPS won as PSSA Website of the year and in 2020 came second with Renata as the designer. Currently she is ranked as a senior photographer at PSSA and starred as Beret Bronze.

Second Runner - Sharing a Tsamma
Category - Mammals of Africa Behavioural 
in Natures Best Photography Africa 2017!

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