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I have spend so many hours in the bush in the last 15 years and there are times when I do question myself, it all worth it  and  what have I accomplish? But the moment I look at my work and memories floods my mind peace fills my heart and I's indeed worth it all!
To me the bush is like a drug, I just cannot stay away. It’s a deep love, a passion, that is part of my being, of who I am...I can not imagine my life without it. 
I have seen so many things, so many drama, so much heartache. I have learned so much about life and it’s journeys just by observing nature.
The dedication, commitment, the will to survive is always visible from the largest to the smallest of animals and there is always the clown in the bunch, the one who makes you laugh and lightens your day.
What I have discovered is that if I could choose my life over I will do it all over again.
What inspires me more than anything else is when people tells me off the overwhelming emotional feeling they experience when they look at my work,...I must be doing something right!
My best motivation is to do better every time I press the shutter and to make a difference in this world. 
Many thanks to my husband who is my biggest fan and inspires me to never give up my passion. 


Giants feast

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