Bold Buffalo 

The African or Cape Buffalo is a large and powerful bovine that could reach a shoulder height of 1.5m and weight in at 750kg. It is also Africa's only wild cattle and are classified under the Big 5 of Africa! The Buffalo is a very aggressive animal especially when wounded and therefor called by hunters as the "Black Death"! 
Because of their temper and size their biggest enemy are lions which prey on them. If in distressed a collective herd of buffalo are more than able to safe another from a lion attack and even kill lions in their rage!! 
Spending time in Kruger with a herd of Buffalo have given me the opportunity to observe them up close and photograph them from different angles. They never leave their guard down and you are always aware of that stare as if you owe them money.... a look you do not want to meet on foot in the bush!


The King of the African Jungle


The Elussive Cat

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